Common Questions & Location Services Troubleshooting

ProblemI am in Cleveland, OH but cannot access the site or the site isn’t allowing me to purchase 50/50 Raffle tickets.

Solution: This is likely because you either declined the webpage from accessing your location or the location services on your device are disabled. The site must be able to verify your location in order to confirm that you are located in Cleveland, OH at the time of purchase. Try changing your location service settings or accessing the site again and allowing permission to access your location. If the issue persists, try closing the website browser, clearing your browser caches and try visiting the site again.

For Apple products:

·        Open your “Settings” application

·        Select the “Privacy” option

·        Select the “Location Services” option

·        Make sure “Location Services” is toggled ‘On’

·        Applications are listed in alphabetical order, so scroll down to “Safari Websites”

·        Choose the option “While Using the App”

·        Exit out of “Settings” and purchase your tickets!

For Android products:

·        Open your “Settings” application

·        Select the “Location” option, check it is toggled ‘On’

·        Return to the “Apps” screen

·        Select “Chrome”

·        Select the “Permissions” option 

·        Make sure that “Location” is toggled ‘On’

·        Exit out of “Settings” and purchase your tickets!

For Apple laptops and desktops:

·        Ensure you are connected to Wi-Fi

·        Open your “System Preferences”

·        Select the “Security & Privacy” option

·        Click on the “Privacy” tab

·        Make sure “Location Services” is toggled ‘On’

·        When prompted, enter username and password

·        Click on the “Enable Location Services” checkbox

For Windows laptops and desktops:

·        Ensure you are connected to Wi-Fi

·        Enter the purchase portal

·        Select the “Buy Now” option

·        When the error message appears, look to the address bar for navigation symbol with an ‘X’

Microsoft Edge will have this listed as “Website Permissions” + “Manage Permissions”

Simply clear the “Permissions” and retry your purchase

Firefox will have an option to “View Page Info”, and this is where you will select the “Permissions” option

Toggle the option to “Allow” under “Access Your Location” and proceed to retry your purchase

·        Select this symbol, and then click “Clear These Settings for Future Visits”

·        Select the “Done” option, return to the URL and purchase your tickets!


Problem: I did not receive an email confirmation with my ticket numbers.

Solution: It is possible that the email was entered incorrectly at the time of purchase, or your mail service provider sent the email confirmation to Junk/Spam folders. Please ensure that you have checked these folders for your ticket. If your ticket is nowhere to be found, please email the following information associated with your purchase to us at cavscare@cavs.com and we will resend your ticket to you.

·        First and last name 

·        Date of purchase

·        Number of tickets purchased

·        Email address


Problem: My transaction did not process. 

Solution: An error following the billing information generally means that there was an issue with the payment details entered. The most common causes of an error are:

·        Billing information does not match what the creditor/bank has on file

·        Payment method used is not an acceptable form of payment, i.e., gift card

·        Creditor/bank declined the transaction due to NSF or suspicious transaction


Problem: I received an Error 4 message upon checkout – was my transaction completed?

Solution: Error 4 occurs when payment has not been accepted because your bank or credit card company has blocked/declined the payment. Please ensure that the credit card information you entered is correct (#, expiry date) and that the billing address matches what your credit card company has on file. If you still receive this error, please contact your bank to find out why they are declining the transaction.